Marie Marfia, Morning Walk, soft pastel on sanded paper, 10 in x 8 in, $800.

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Marie Marfia, Morning Walk, soft pastel on sanded paper, 10 in x 8 in, $800.
Morning Walk, soft pastel on sanded paper, 10 in x 8 in, $800.

Welcome to Marie Marfia Fine Art

Here you’ll find portrait art, skeleton art, and landscape art, all done by me, Marie Marfia, in pastels, my medium of choice. I live and work in Ludington, Michigan, a perfectly lovely town on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s awesome here. Enjoy your stay!

Studio in the spring
Come out and see what’s in the shed!

Visit my studio

I have a new studio! It’s right in front of my house now. So convenient to just step out my door and go to work. I love it!

If you’re in Ludington, Michigan, and you’d like to stop by, call or text me, 904-566-4473, and I’ll be happy to show you what I’ve been working on.

Hope to see you soon!

Skeleton art

I have created over 60 skeleton paintings now and I have no plans to stop making them! Send me your suggestions! Maybe I’ll transform your idea into a work of skeleton art! Here’s a link to all my skeleton art.

Marie Marfia, Skelly Godiva, soft pastel on sanded paper, 17x22"
Skelly Godiva, soft pastel on sanded paper, 17×22″.

Landscape art

I’m lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I celebrate my good fortune by painting what I see all around me, whether it’s the dunes along the shores of Lake Michigan or the trees and waterways in the Manistee National Forest. It’s all inspirational and I love to capture it with pastels. Here’s a link to my landscapes.

pastel painting of snow on the dunes with Lake Michigan in the background
Morning Snow on the Dunes, soft pastel on sanded paper, 6×9″.

Portrait art

I love to paint people, including full figure studies and close up head portraits. I accept commissions, so if you have a treasured photo of someone you love that you’d like made into a work of art, please contact me. Here’s a link to my commissions page where you can read more about my process and see examples of my portrait painting style.

pastel portrait of a smiling couple by Marie Marfia
Joe and Anna, soft pastel on sanded paper, 11×14″. Sold.

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Shop online

Please feel free to shop online using the links on the right. You can find downloadable prints in my Etsy shop, or if you’re looking for printed cards and prints, or novelties like beach towels or throw pillows, check out my Fine Art America shop. If you’re looking for greeting cards that you can personalize and and have mailed for you, please visit Signed Cards.

Shop in person

If you’re interested in seeing my work up close and personal, here’s a list of galleries and gift shops that sell my work:

Originals, cards and prints

Art on the Town Gallery
110 S. Hancock Street, Pentwater, Michigan

Ludington Area Center for the Arts
107 S. Harrison Street, Ludington, Michigan

Cards, prints and tote bags

Four Directions Alchemy
507 E. Dowland Street, Ludington, Michigan