Yellow Face

acrylic painting of a woman's face

Yellow Face, 6×6″ acrylic on canvas. ©2018 Marie Marfia.

Yellow Face

This is number 3. Kind of a lot different from yesterday’s attempt. As is my m.o., I thought to myself, why stress about this? Just have fun. Do a doodle and see what happens. And about five hundred iterations later, this is what I have. So I quit for today. Maybe tomorrow will feel more like playing and less like torture. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and paintbrushes at the ready.

Progress is still being made

I am also working on finishing this portrait of my brother Joe and his wife Anna. I’ve been mostly staring at it for about a week now. I think I want to do something different with the background, but not sure what. Ima do some research and play with the picture in photoshop. Stay tuned!

pastel portrait of smiling couple

Joe and Anna, 11×14″ pastel on sanded paper. WIP.


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