Volcanic Activity, Wave Portrait No. 143

I snarled all the way home this morning, after dropping Steve off at the airport. I hate driving.

It’s too boring to list all the ways that my fellow drivers irritate the crap out of me, so I’m not going to. I just wish I was calmer about it, that’s all.

I go from zero to sixty in a heartbeat. One second I’m enjoying some story on the radio and the next I’m furiously flipping off the three cars that just passed me in the exit lane.

I don’t want to have my day spoiled by things I can’t control. There’s probably some kind of therapy for it, but so far I haven’t found anything that sticks. I am pinning my hopes on the future when, after we move away from this big city with its miles of roads and its oblivious drivers, I’ll remember how to be cool, calm and collected behind the wheel.

It’s been so long, though. Was I ever like that?

Volcanic Activity, Wave portrait No. 143, 5×7′ pastel painting on gessoed mat board by Marie Marfia

Today’s painting was done on mat board that I painted with clear gesso. This gives me a tooth for my pastels, which you can see in the progression slide show. I blocked in color, then rubbed it all in with some pieces of swim noodle (another use for those!) and then came back in over the top with more colors. The sky is pink and blue because it’s where I want my brain to be. The red hot color under the dark wave shape is where I’m afraid my brain is at.

Here’s the progression of today’s painting:


5 thoughts on “Volcanic Activity, Wave Portrait No. 143

  1. beverlydyer

    I drove to the airport twice yesterday. My husband said he would arrive at 1:35, unfortunately that was his boarding time!! And so I’m right there with you with the white knuckles and cursing. Lucky for us we have our art to dissipate at least some of those toxic feelings. My question is why does everyone need to drive 80 mph in a 65?

    1. Marie Marfia Post author

      Thank you, Kay. This series has been a great way to stay present while I’m painting. Beverly, I agree with you a hundred percent about art helping to channel my emotions. This is new territory for me and I’m learning so much as I go!

  2. Kay

    Oh Marie i so can relate to this “wave of emotion” painting!! I appreciate your honesty and skillful work … May we all find our thoughts in those lovely blue and pink skies… shalom

  3. Cora Raiford

    If you get really desperate, ya’ll can camp out at the farm – somewhere on the southern edge of the Okeefenokee. We have electricity and drinkable water.- and coyotes to sing you to sleep.


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