Me and Steve at Lakenenland Sculpture park in the UP of Michigan.

Taking a breather

Steve and I took a trip to the UP at the beginning of September, just for a couple of days. We wanted to get away because it’s been a busy summer and sometimes you need to take a step back and breathe for a minute. He has a friend from back in his high school days who owns a little place with her husband called the Handshake Motel. She also makes quilts, among lots of other things. She’s a creative soul up there in the wilderness and a font of local knowledge.

We visited some tourist-y places like Lakenenland and Oswald’s Bear Ranch and we spent an afternoon collecting rocks at the Vermilion Point Nature Preserve on the Lake Superior shoreline, plus a couple of hours on the Tyoga Trail, collecting mushrooms and learning about lumberjacks.

We ate pasties from Miners Pasty Kitchen, because it’s required by law when you go to the UP. Also, they’re delicious. And we got some very tasty fried whitefish from Brown Fisheries in Paradise.

I took a lot of pictures and did some watercolor sketches and there are some pastels in the works, of course. I’ll post those as and when I finish them. But for now, here are some of the photos from the trip. I try not to question why I want a particular picture. Sometimes I’m not completely sure. I just take the shot and trust I’ll figure it out later.

My favorite night was spent sitting around a neighbor’s fire pit, watching flying squirrels. I didn’t get a picture, but I can still see them in my head, gliding from perch to perch, like tiny sheets, lit by porch light and snapping in the wind.

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