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More whimsy, less realism

I’m getting into these colorful, whimsical versions of waves. They’re fun, they’re simple and they’re bright. And they have so much personality!

Like this guy reminds me of my brothers’ hair. The twins used to get their hair cut in the utility room while perched on a stool with my father wielding the hair clippers. Zoop, zoop up the sides with a front fringe. It was a practical look. Dad would say, “Now you look like a white man,” when he’d finished. The boys would complain because the clippers would heat up after a little while and it’d be uncomfortably hot on their necks. Afterward, they would check themselves out in the mirror, looking for holes, my sister and I helpfully pointing out where Dad’s clipper hand had slipped.

Wave Portrait No. 133, 5×7″ pastel on UArt sanded paper by Marie Marfia.

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