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Eagle 2

Up in the aerie

eagle sitting on a nest

Eagle Nesting 2, 9×6″ pastel on paper by Marie Marfia

The eagle cam is fascinating. I like watching them sit on the eggs, cocking their heads, ever alert. I like the way the sun bounces off their brassy feathers, how the shadows are blue violet on one side of their white heads. Can’t wait until there are chicks.


Sketching op

The internet can be magical. This morning I was wondering what to paint for a quick study and then I remembered the Eagle Cam that was featured on the npr website and voila! I had a subject all ready for me.

I put down my oatmeal, grabbed my pastels and a piece of paper and had about five minutes before she/he got up and presented me with a different view. I quit then because my breakfast was getting cold. Here’s the result from this morning. I think I’ll go back again this evening and see what kind of light is available when the sun is on other other side.

Eagle nesting

Eagle Nesting, study, 6×9″ pastel on paper by Marie Marfia

It got me thinking that there are probably a million web cams pointing to interesting scenes from all over the world. I don’t have to fly anywhere to find something to paint. I can sit at my monitor and pick something at random.