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Marie Marfia, Cheers!, soft pastel on paper, 24x18".

Ludington Gold Coast Artisan Fair

I’m showing my skeleton art at the Ludington Gold Coast Artisan Fair on August 14-15, 2021 in Rotary Park, Ludington, Michigan. I hope you can come!

The Ludington Gold Coast Artisan Fair is a fun event, drawing more than 170 vendors showing everything from lawn art to original drawings to household crafts. A lot of the booths feature local artisans. It’s a great way to purchase unique hand-crafted items for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays!

About Ludington

If you have never been to Ludington, it is worth the trip! Ludington is a beautiful resort town with a deep water harbor on the shores of Lake Michigan. There are beaches galore here, plus lots of choices for dining, shopping and stuff to do outdoors, including the Ludington State Park with its miles of hiking, biking and canoe trails, and beautiful beaches!

Skelly cards for the show!

Print giveaway

Stop by my booth and enter the drawing for an 11×14″ framed and matted print of Neverending Love Story! You don’t have to buy anything to enter, but you can sign up for my Bone Appetit newsletter at the same time if you like.

The details

What: Gold Coast Artisan Fair
Where: Booth C-26 (Court Street), Rotary Park, downtown Ludington, Michigan
When: Saturday, August 14, 10 am-5 pm and Sunday, August 15, 10 am-4 pm

Where to find me

I’ll be in space C-26, which is on the Court Street side of the park. Hope to see you there!

Some of what I’m bringing

I’ll have stickers, greeting cards, small prints, large prints and some original pastels in my booth. Plus, don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway!

Sign up for my Bone Appetit newsletter! You’ll get regular updates about my latest work in the studio and insights into my process. Plus, get a free downloadable print just for signing up!

You can buy my art imprinted on all kinds of cool stuff in my Fine Art America Shop. You can purchase my original art on Daily Paint Works.


Location, location, location

I moved my studio/gallery/office this past spring. Same building as before, but now I’m in the way back. Like, really far back. Like, so far back that no one really knows I’m there yet.

This way to my new space!

Which is kind of a relief.

To be honest, the space at the front of the building, with the big plate glass windows, felt too exposed. Anyone could see in.

Sometimes I’d put the closed sign on the door, just so I could relax a little bit. You know, roll out the yoga mat, do some stretches, take a nap, adjust my attitude.

There were days when I dreaded going in because the place was such a wreck. When I paint I have this tendency to pick pastels up and then drop them on any available surface and then it might be a day or two before they all got put back where they belonged. Yes, all right, it took months sometimes.

This was a problem because someone might see. But I couldn’t seem to stop making a mess. And then I’d feel embarrassed. Which is wrong, because a studio has to be able to be messy. That’s when the creativity happens for me. When every possible thing is floating around inside and outside my head. When it’s all loose.

But the old space was also a retail space and an office. So I was feeling some pressure to keep it looking nice.

The new space is not so nice, if you know what I mean. The brick walls are crumbling in spots. The drywall on the ceiling needs to be painted. The floor is plywood with gray paint on it. I’ve got frames and paintings everywhere.

My handy husband made me this huge table from two by fours and a varnished closet door and I’ve spread all, and I mean all, my pastels out on it. I can see every color of the rainbow all the time! It’s like living in a Froot Loop fairyland.

Anyway, I hope you stop by and visit the new digs. I plan to make lots of art and a ton of messes and I don’t care who sees.