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new online store screen shot

Skelly art store is open

Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been busy putting a new square store together for my skeleton art. Here’s the url: https://mariemarfia.square.site

I’m still refining it a bit, but here’s the best news:

Get 20% off everything from September 20 through October 20, 2021. Use the coupon code “TAKEOFF20” to get your discount at checkout.

This is a great time to freshen up your existing Halloween or Day of the Dead decor or if you’re new to my skellies, start a new tradition!

New this year are stickers! Hand them out to your favorite trick or treaters, decorate trapper keepers. Fair warning though, once you start, you won’t be able to stop! They’re insidious!

I’m shipping everything via United States Postal Service and orders will ship within 3 business days. Large prints go 3-Day Priority Mail. Everything else is 1st class.

Check out the new online store and let me know what you think. If you see anything that’s missing, give me a shout and I’ll put it on there before the sale starts.

Thanks again for your support!