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Dali doily

I got to thinking that what I needed for my shrine was a doily. I have seen then on other shrines, cut outs with skulls and skeletons on them. So I thought I’d make one of my own.


Salvador Dali portrait that I found on Wikiart.

I started with Salvador Dali, because of course. And then I used a sharpie to turn him into a simplified, cut out-able skullitized silhouette. This required multiple passes through my brain to find something that made sense and wouldn’t be impossible to do with a pair of scissors or an x-acto knife.


Multiple passes. I love tracing paper.


Close enough to scan.

Then I took the final version, scanned it, cleaned it up in Photoshop, imported it to Illustrator, traced it and then selected all the parts that would be cut and made them black. Then I printed it out a few times and cut out the black parts. I used a hole puncher for all the little dots around the outside. When I set up my shrine I’m going to string the doilies all around it. Cool!


Here’s a version that you can download and print for yourself, if you like.


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A quick sketch of my muse

I thought, “Gee, I’d like to do a portrait.” There’s always myself, of course, but it feels completely self-absorbed to do self portraits, oddly enough.

So I had this picture of Salvador Dali that I found on Wikiart and thought, that’ll do. Hope you like the time-lapse. I do. They’re fun to watch. Sometimes I scrub them backwards and watch the image disappear from the page. Poof!

Dali was such a mad man, wasn’t he? And I’ll bet he had no problems with self-absorption. Look at that mustache! You could poke someone’s eye out with that thing! What a loon. But such a wonderful artist.

Do you suppose that lunacy is the price you have to pay for great paintings? It’s something to think about. I’m pretty sure I’d rather keep my marbles and just be a fair to middling painter, me.


Getting ready for my party on Friday

Skeletonized Dali

Skeletonized Dali

I found a portrait of Salvador Dali on Wikipedia and skeletonized it so I’d have something for my shrine on Friday during the Day of the Dead Festival and Artist Reception at the Red Sable.

Since Salvador was the inspiration behind the original Skelly Dancers, I added the very first one I ever painted in the background and then I painted in skeleton features over his face in blue and added some hearts, because I love his mustache and his devil-may-care attitude. He was a fantastic painter, a real craftsman.

I’ve been to the Dali Museum over in St. Petersburg, Florida. I especially love the large paintings they have. Very wonderful.

So I made a shrine for him. I added candles and some bone sprinkles around the picture frame and I’ll have some pretty yellow sunflowers in a vase. You’ve got to have yellow and this is as close as I can get to marigolds. I wouldn’t mind being haunted by Dali’s ghost. I bet he’d have some good advice for me about painting skeletons and throwing parties.

I’m off today to get some boxes of wine. A red box and a white box. That should just about cover it. And I have to practice my own sugar skull makeup some time before Friday. Half face? Full face? Happy? Scary? What shall it be?

Plus, I wonder who will win the custom sugar skull portrait? Last I checked, there were quite a few names in the box… I’ll be pulling someone’s name out the pile on Friday. Might it be yours?