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Marie Marfia, Green Crested Drooler, acrylic on canvas, 6x6x.75

Green Crested Drooler

I’m starting a new series. It’s all about the things that keep me up at night. I am taking inspiration from Lynda Barry, whose book Making Comics has a monster drawing exercise, which I just love. I try to make monsters every day and then I pick one and make it into a small acrylic painting. Stay tuned! I have no idea where it’s going, but I want to call it my Monsters Under My Bed series and I’m am thoroughly enjoying it! Hope you do, too.

Marie Marfia, Green Crested Drooler, acrylic on canvas, 6x6x.75
Green Crested Drooler, acrylic on canvas, 6x6x.75″

The Green Crested Drooler personifies my fear of getting older and losing control of my bodily functions. Sure, it’s cute, but it’s also drooling! Gross! Blah! I think someone needs to invent terrycloth pillowcases for people like me who frequently wake up in the middle of the night in a puddle of spit. Hell, maybe I’ll make my own…

Here’s some more monsters…

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pastel painting

End of Kinney Road – pastel painting of a road through the Manistee National Forest

End of Kinney Road, 9×6″ pastel painting of a road in the Manistee National Forest. ©Marie Marfia. Available $110.

End of Kinney Road

This is a pastel painting about the bright light at the end of Kinney Road, which is a place that I love to walk with my dogs in the mornings.

Here are some details:

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Sad-Eyed Dog and Iris Eyes

Sad-Eyed Dog, 6×6″ acrylic on canvas. ©2018 Marie Marfia

Iris Eye, 6×6″ acrylic painting on canvas. ©2018 Marie Marfia.

Where was I?

Oh yes, I was posting every day about my 100 Acrylics in 100 Days project. Whelp, there have been developments and suffice to say, I’m still doing these, but there may be interruptions from time to time. Please bear with me. I appreciate your patience.

Every time a Pride Festival happens…

…someone gets their wings. I was asked to provide a pair of wings for the Pride Festival coming up here in Ludington, Michigan on June 10 at Rotary Park. So here they are. I painted them on a gessoed tablecloth stretched to about 4’x5′. Hope you can come out and get your picture taken with these lovely rainbow wings. I’ll be there!



acrylic painting of a pit bull dog face in purple

004 Purple Dog

Purple Dog, no. 4, 6×6″ acrylic on canvas. ©2018 Marie Marfia

Purple Dog

I remembered this morning that I had the Anderson Creek Kennels facebook page to use for inspiration and sure enough, there was a sweet pit in today’s pictures. I’ll probably do a bunch of doggy portraits. They’re really perfect for this size.

Calling it finished

Also figured out what to do with the background on this portrait of my brother Joe and his wife Anna. Two of my favorite people in the world. This was a pleasure to complete.

Joe and Anna, 11×14″ pastel on sanded paper. ©2018 Marie Marfia.

Pastel painting of a tree with pink blooms


Pastel painting of a tree with pink blooms

Pinked, 5×7″ pastel on sanded paper by Marie Marfia. $90.

I was driving into town to work today and was gobsmacked by the flowers on all the trees. You know those pink ones with the really giant blooms on them? I love those things. If I had one in my yard I think I’d just stare at it all day so long as the flowers lasted. I took a lot of reference photos just in case the wind blew all the blooms away and then I did this little painting when I got in my studio. It’s fluttery and windswept and pink, just like those trees.


Pastel portrait of a pretty young woman with pink hair

No. 3, 100 Portraits in 100 Days

So Melissa sent me this beautiful selfie for my 100 Portraits in 100 Days series, asked me to roll the dice and this is the result! Such a pretty face! And pink hair! It was like drowning in cotton candy.

Melissa Hill, No. 3, 100 Portraits in 100 Days, 6×9″ pastel on mat board with pumice ground by Marie Marfia. This pastel is available, $100 + $12 shipping. Contact me for more info.

Here are the progress pictures:


pastel painting of towering clouds over the ocean.

Clouds Roll In

Today’s sky painting is the 3rd in a series of 21 that I’m doing as a result of a wonderful mini workshop with Karen Margulis.

Clouds Roll In is taken from a photo from an afternoon at the beach, probably at Mickler’s Landing but it might also be from a bit farther south at Guana Beach. Both places are fairly close by and Steve and I like to get out to walk along the surf as often as we can. On this day, I got lucky because there were big clouds on the horizon. Looks like there was a little rain coming down out over the water.

I am enjoying the process of creating my own grays using tertiary and secondary colors layered on top of each other. This painting was done on Canson mi teintes paper.

pastel painting of towering clouds over the ocean.

Clouds Roll In, 5×8″ pastel on Canson paper by Marie Marfia. $75, unframed. Contact me to purchase.


Stretched Thin – Wave Portrait No. 144

Stretched Thin-Wave Portrait No. 144, 5×7″ pastel painting of a wave in purple, gray and blue by Marie Marfia.

This is how I feel when I am in the middle of a project, in this case, re-doing my website, and I’m not familiar with the software, and there are too many choices, and the directions I’m following are three years old, so nothing matches, and I decide, screw it, I’m just going to do what I want, and all the while in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “I just want the work to  already be done. I hate learning new things. Just leave me alone in my corner, sitting in a puddle of ignorance. I’m tired of all if it!”

This painting occurred to me while I was doing yoga of all things. I thought it was about feeling transparent, but it turned out to be about feeling inadequate to the task at hand.

Here are the progress pictures. I included a picture of the pastels I used for this painting.