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Marie Marfia, Skelly Dancer No. 8, soft pastel on paper, 14x11".

Skelly Dancer No. 8 is on sale this week – skeletons on sale

Skelly Dancer No. 8 is on sale through November 18, 2018

Get 25% Off all iterations of Skelly Dancer No. 8 now through Sunday, November 18, 2018. Especially with all this surprising snow, don’t you wish you were dancing on a beach somewhere?

Skelly Dancer No. 8, skeleton dancing on the beach, by Marie Marfia

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the skelly dance II is a parody of Henri Matisse's The Dance featuring skeletons dancing in a circle on a green hill

Skelly on Sale – The Skelly Dance! skeletons dancing on a green field

the skelly dance II is a parody of Henri Matisse's The Dance featuring skeletons dancing in a circle on a green hill

©2017 Marie Marfia The Skelly Dance II, 20.75×28.75″, pastel on paper.

The Skelly Dance is on sale this week!

What more appropriate painting for the week of Halloween and Day of the Dead could there possibly be? I can’t think of one either.

This week, all iterations of The Skelly Dance are 25% Off. That means all prints, cards, canvas wraps and the original painting are available at a sweet discount! Sale ends Sunday, November 4, 2018. Happy Halloween! Happy Dia de los Muertos!


Marie Marfia, Shall We Dance?, soft pastel on paper, 24x18".

Shall We Dance is on sale!

pastel painting of a skeleton couple dancing on the beach
Marie Marfia, Shall We Dance, soft pastel on paper, 24×18″. Original unavailable.

“Shall We Dance?” my pastel painting of a sweet skeleton couple dancing on the beach is available as prints, cards and printed novelties in my Fine Art America Shop, as a downloadable print in my Etsy shop, or as a signed card in my Signed Cards shop (links in the menu)! They’re so romantic!


More Work in Progress on the Skelly Couple on the Beach

Getting closer. I’ve already put my signature “M” on this one, but I will probably continue to tweak it a little during the day. I’m leaving it on my easel so I can let it bug me when I go by. I can already see little things that I will want to fix before I let it go out into the world.

Finishing up the water, added pink to the sky and the sand.

Putting in more detail on the clothing, working on their heads.

Finishing the rest of the bodies, clothing details, adding interest to the sand.

Close up of the smiling couple.


Work in progress, skeleton couple dancing on the beach

More progress on the couple dancing on the beach. I got to thinking about all the fun I have had in my life while I lived near the water. I still live pretty close here. I mean, 30 minutes isn’t bad at all, but I still wish I lived closer. When I was a kid, Lake Michigan was 5 minutes away by car and Hutchin’s Lake was a quarter mile down the road from our house. In Ludington, I lived 11 blocks from the beach and I used to walk my dog down there every single morning. I’ll get back to the water again, see if I don’t.


Skelly couple dancing on the beach, work in progress

That’s probably not the final name for this one, but it’s coming along and I thought I’d share the first few steps in this painting. A skeleton couple dancing together makes perfect sense to me. Double the pleasure, double the fun!