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New art, prints and cards at The Starving Artist for November

box of x-mas skelly cards

6 X-Mas Skelly Cards in a Box, available at The Starving Artist in November and also in my shop.

Skelly X-Mas cards will be at The Starving Artist for November 2015. They feature six different dancing skellies in santa hats per box for $17.95. The cards are 4.25 x 5.5″ when folded, are blank inside and come with envelopes. Also available in my shop, if you can’t get to St. Augustine to the gallery. Perfect for the Day of the Dead fans on your list!

Skelly Dance at Bougival, 24×12″ original pastel, $670 Orbs! 11×14″ original pastel, $300 Shall We Dance? 11×14″ print, $34.95 Pull My Finger, 11×14″ print, $34.95 Happily Ever After, 11×14″ print, $34.95

Original pastel art at The Starving Artist in November includes “Dance at Bougival” for $670, and “Orbs” for $300. I’m working on designing prints and cards based on “Dance at Bougival”, and hope to offer them soon. Meantime, since the holidays are for lovers, I am including “Shall We Dance”, “Happily Ever After,” and “Pull My Finger” in 11×14″ size and as 5×7″ cards.

The 11×14″ prints are $34.95 and the 5×7″ cards are $4.95 each or 3 for $12.95 or 6 for $18.95.

skeleton postcards

Greetings from St. Augustine postcards, now at The Starving Artist Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida

As always, there is a good selection of “Greetings from St. Augustine” postcards at the gallery, too. Postcards are $1.95 each or 3 for $4.95.

If you’re out and about in St. Aug for November, be sure and stop by to get your skelly fix!

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Decisions, decisions!

Here are my 5×7″ prints, double-matted to fit perfectly into 8×10″ frames. Sweet!

I’ve got twelve different double matted prints all wrapped up and ready to go for October’s show at The Red Sable. These will be for sale, $12 each or 3 for $30.

Now I’m on to note cards. I figured to put 2 each of 2 different designs into each package and charge $8 or 3 packages/$20. The question is, which ones should I combine with which?

Here are the choices:

Should I put two dancers together? The mermaid and the lighthouse? Pull my finger and the couple in the Ghost Trolley? Which ones would you like to see paired together? Or should I just make all four cards in the package the same? Let me know in the comments!


New mascot picture

It’s a nice problem to have, right? They’re running out of my 5×7″ skelly cards at the Starving Artist. I was going to just put a bunch in the mail to them for re-stocking but realized the web address on the back is my old blog address and I’m posting on a new one right here. So then, since I had to make a change anyway, I thought I’d slap a big fat picture of me on the back, too.

This is the one I picked:

picture of me with a skeleton and a skelly painting

Wave hello to everyone, little skelly mascot!

And here are the outtakes:

Skeleton facing the wrong way Now he looks like he’s being held captive by a mad woman. Whoops, little too excited with the waving there. Just no. Little too much distance between me and my beloved and the easel and I look like I’m giving him a hand massage.

It’s kind of hilarious hitting the timer and then grabbing a slippery skeleton and trying to make it and myself look friendly. But I think I got it done. What do you think? Different photo? Maybe I should just make it a picture of the skeleton with pastels in its hands… Or passed out next to a bottle. Oh, the possibilities are endless!