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Skellies – skeleton art by Marie Marfia

About Skellies

Skeletons are what’s inside every body, trying to get out. They caper, dance, and just generally enjoy themselves, no matter where they are. I got started with my skeleton art while I was in the middle of another project and now there are more than 50 60 of them! Who knew I had so many skeletons in my closet?

They make me laugh and feel just a bit rebellious. They can do all the things I secretly wish to do because the worst that can happen to them already has—they’re dead!

Old (Dead) Masters skeleton art series

The Old (Dead) Masters series is for the serious, or maybe not so serious, student of fine art. How many original works of art can you identify from these skeletonized versions? There are almost 20 pieces in this series and I’m adding to it all the time! 

skeleton art parody of Klimt's The Kiss
The Kiss (Skelly Lovers), 18×18″ pastel/mixed media on gessoed gator board. Sold.

Greetings from St. Augustine skeleton art series

Greetings from St. Augustine series features skeletons capering on and around tourist attractions in St. Augustine, Florida. They’re enjoying themselves while seeing the sights in the nation’s oldest city. Surfing, pirating, going on ghost tours, checking out the Fountain of Youth or the Castillo de San Marcos, they’re having a fabulous time and wishing you were here.

skeleton mermaid waving from the rocks in the ocean
Hello Sailor, soft pastel on paper, 14×11″.

Skelly Dancers skeleton art series

Skelly Dancers are just chilling at the beach! The first 5 pieces of skeleton art I ever painted are in this group. They are based on a series of belly dancing women that I used to hang out with when I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. I love belly dancing! And I was in the middle of a project to paint 100 belly dancers when I found myself losing focus. Figures a bunch of dead people would bring my project back to life!

skelly dancer no. 8 pastel painting of a skeleton belly dancing on the beach
Skelly Dancer No. 8, soft pastel on paper, 14×11″.

Just for Fun skeleton art series

The Just for Fun series are skeletons that don’t fit any of my other categories. They include shrimp boat captains, motorcycle riders and romantic skellies, and even a skeleton cow girl riding an alligator! I’m always open to suggestions for new skellies to add to this group, so please contact me if you have something special in mind!

skeleton art couple riding a motorcycle on the beach
Bone to be Wild, soft pastel on gessoed gator board, 20×16″.

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