Science for everyone!

Skellies going to the Starving Artist Gallery.

I have some stuff at The Starving Artist Consignment Gallery in St. Augustine that is selling pretty well. The skellies, in fact, are making me money. But I’d like to sell more of them.

I just finished an excellent short course on marketing for shows and exhibits and I’m going to try a scientific experiment based on what I learned. I’m going to re-stock my prints and cards and postcards like I usually do, but instead of stuffing every single stinking skelly in my 2×6′ space, I’m just going to stock six skelly designs total and see what happens. I’ll have multiples of each of the designs, but I’m going to limit the choices people have. As the author of my marketing course quoted, “Two is a choice, three is a dilemma.”

I’m like a lot of artists. I feel like I have to give people everything they could possibly think of all at once or I’ll lose them. The truth is, and I know this from my own experience, people don’t really want to see every thing you’ve ever done or thought of. It’s too confusing. It’s better if you present them with just a few choices. Then they can pick the one they like best from a small sample without worrying about whether or not they made the right choice. There’s a study that supports this, that was also mentioned in my marketing course.

I get this on a rational level. But on an emotional one, my anxieties cloud my thinking. (“What if I miss my only opportunity to sell 10,000 mermaid skellies to an art buyer from New York because I left it at home?”)

And what better place to experiment than a consignment gallery? I can change out the designs every month and make a note of what’s doing well and what isn’t. There’s no emergency unless I make it into one. I already know the skellies are popular. I just need to tweak their presentation. Six instead of twenty-six. Ahh, it already feels better. I’ll let you know how it works out.


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