Rainbow flowers

Steve brought me flowers along with the pizza last night, just because. He does this. I’m a very lucky so and so. I thought I’d paint them this morning and it occurred to me that they are all the colors of the rainbow, which I think was accidental, or maybe Flowerama was just taking advantage of the new impromptu holiday that happened because of the Supreme Court ruling yesterday about gay marriage. In any case, I didn’t see the rainbow when I got them, but only today when I painted them.

The shadows gave me fits and I tried wrestling them into submission with the addition of medium and light gray. It needs neutrals, otherwise everything fights to be first. I wanted the painting to be sketchy and loose and I think I achieved that.

pastel painting of flowers in a vase

Rainbow Flowers, 9×6″ pastel on UArt 600 paper by Marie Marfia.

Oh, and for those of you following along, this is the final on the family portrait commission that I was working on earlier this month. All done and shipped.

pastel painting of a family

Commissioned family portrait, 16×20″ on Canson paper by Marie Marfia


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