Skelly in a Red Turban


Skelly in a Red Turban is a parody of Jan Van Eyck’s classic work, Man in a Red Turban. It’s part of my Old (Dead) Masters series in which I skeletonize famous works of art for my own nefarious ends. Free shipping anywhere in the continental USA.



pastel painting of a skeleton in a red turban

©2017 Marie Marfia, Skelly in the Red Turban, 18×12″ pastel on paper

About Skelly in a Red Turban

This skelly painting is a parody of Jan Van Eyck’s Man in a Red Turban, which I’ve skeletonized for my own nefarious ends. Skelly in a Red Turban is part of my Old (Dead) Masters series in which I recreate classic works of art with skeletons instead of flesh and blood humans. It’s fun!

The original painting is framed with an awesome skull, rose and heart motif frame with a metallic finish and a double mat under museum glass, so it’s protected against UV radiation. Free shipping anywhere in the continental USA. Contact me about shipping outside the USA.

Available in paper prints, cards and canvas wrap

You can choose from 11×14″ or 8×10″ inkjet prints on double-sided matte paper, 5×7″ greeting cards with matching white envelopes, or canvas wrap prints in three different sizes. There’s something for every budget and every size wall here, so do your worst. I’ll love you for it. Prices include shipping anywhere in the continental USA. Everywhere else, please contact me.

Old Dead Masters series

The Old (Dead) Masters series is my way of paying homage to the great artists that have come before. I learn new things every time I copy a famous work and this is knowledge that I use in the works that come later. I try to be faithful to the original pieces but I am after an authentic feeling to the work, rather than a stroke by stroke reproduction.

About skellies

I love skellies because they’re fearless and free. When painting them I find that they take on a life of their own! If they make you laugh, then I feel my job is done. Life is short! Skellies are forever!


Pastels are my medium of choice because they’re so versatile and immediate. I love the way the light refracts when it hits the chalk. I love all the different marks you can make with them. This piece was done on Canson mi teintes paper. I used Rembrandt and NuPastel pastels to recreate Jan Van Eyck’s masterpiece.


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11×14 Print $40.00, 18×24" Canvas Wrap $148.00, 36×48" Canvas Wrap $372.00, 8×10 Print $20.00, 9×12 Canvas Wrap $76.00, Greeting Card $5.00, Original