Part of Your Skelly World


Part of Your Skelly World is my skeletonized version of the little mermaid.



© Marie Marfia

14″x9″ original pastel, 17.5″x12.25″ with frame.

Original pastel painting on black gator board with prepared gesso ground.

Someone suggested I needed to add a red headed skelly mermaid to my skeleton series of paintings and so here’s a skeletonized Ariel singing her heart out because she’s in love with an oblivous prince of a man. Skelly love is forever!

Please email me if you have questions about this piece or any of my work.

This piece ships framed in a funky shabby chic blue frame. Price includes shipping anywhere in the USA. Everywhere else please contact me and I will invoice for additional shipping costs, if any. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.