Cracking the Landscape – pastel painting of a road in the woods


This is a small pastel painting, 6×9″ of a path or road through the Manistee National Forest.



pastel study of a sky and woods and a road

Cracking the Landscape, 6×9″ pastel on paper. © Marie Marfia. 

Cracking the Landscape

This is my view as I turn the corner from the dirt road with the mailbox at the end and make my way to where my car is parked, under that stand of trees on the left. The sky always looks like it’s pointing straight down and the trees are lit up just past the little dirt pile that the road commission put up to keep people and their big trucks from cutting the corner.

This painting ships unframed, with a double mat, either white or black, between two pieces of foam core. It’s the perfect size for a small space, perhaps in a cabin out in the woods or a cottage by a lake or an apartment for splash of color and a taste of the outdoors.