Skelly Dancers

Skelly dancers raq!

Okay, that’s a belly dancing joke, but the fact is, skelly dancers started out by being belly dancers. I was doing a series of paintings of belly dancers and I got bored in the middle so I turned some of them into skeletons dancing on the beach. Then I finished my belly dancer series and kind of forgot about them.

They wouldn’t die

Well, it turned out that skelly dancers and skellies were very popular. People liked them and wanted to see more of them. I had an opportunity to put a show featuring skellies at the local theater and so I painted the Greetings from St. Augustine series, plus more skelly dancers. The show was a big hit and I’ve been painting skellies ever since.

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Many skelly originals are available for sale and there are cards, prints and canvas wraps, too.  Click the thumbnails for purchase information and a detailed description of each piece.

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