Old (Dead) Masters

©2017 Marie Marfia, Frida Skelly with Monkeys, 12×18″ pastel on sanded paper.

Old (Dead) Masters

Old (Dead) Masters are my tongue-in-cheek take on classical works of art. Not only do I enjoy copying beautiful paintings, I absolutely love putting skeletons in the places of the original figures. It makes me laugh. You can’t laugh too much in this world, and who would have thought that skeleton faces could be so expressive?

I learn new things every time I copy a famous work and this is knowledge that I use in the pieces that come later. My aim is to be faithful to the original works but I am after an authentic feeling to the painting, rather than a stroke by stroke reproduction.

Old (Dead) Masters is a favorite theme of mine, so check back often for new work.

About skellies

I love skellies because they’re fearless and free. When painting them I find that they take on a life of their own! If they make you laugh, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. Life is short! Skellies are forever!


Pastels are my medium of choice because they’re so versatile and immediate. I love the way light refracts when it hits the chalk, plus all the different marks you can make with them.

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