Just for Fun

Just for Fun series

Skelly paintings began with a series of five skeletons dancing on the beach. I  was surprised and pleased by how popular they were, and before I knew it, I’d done a series about skeleton tourist capering on and around landmarks in  St. Augustine, and another series of skeletonized classic paintings, until now I have done over fifty skellies, and there are bound to be more. I can feel it in my bones!

Skellies have a life of their own

I love painting skeletons because they’re fearless, fun-loving and free! Bonus, they make me laugh! I just have to keep on painting them. There are so many situations that cry out for a skeleton!

Purchase skelly art for your very own

Many skelly originals are available for sale and there are cards, prints and canvas wraps, too.  Click the thumbnails for purchase information and a detailed description of each piece.

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