Greetings from St. Augustine

The challenge

I was invited to put together an art show that would complement a 4-week production of The Addams Family Musical at the Limelight Theater in St. Augustine, Florida. I came up with about fifteen paintings featuring skeleton tourists capering on and around St. Augustine landmarks. The best part was coming up with the titles, which I treated as cartoon captions. Fun!

The results

The show was very successful. The theater told me afterward that they’d sold more artwork during that show than any other. Not surprising, since the volunteers at the theater also volunteered at many of the landmarks depicted in the paintings! They were particularly taken with “I Can See My Crypt From Here,” and “I’ll Sit Where I Like, Thanks.” I distinctly remember one patron flipping through the prints and laughing out loud. It was awesome.

Skelly tourism anyone?

I would love to do this series again, but in another town. Do you have a suggestion? Could you put up with me while I visit and get ideas? Contact me if you’re a tourism destination interested in partnering with a bone-ified artist who loves to draw skeletons doing touristy things!

Purchase skelly art for your very own

Many skelly originals are available for sale and there are cards, prints and canvas wraps, too.  Click the thumbnails for purchase information and a detailed description of each piece.

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