©2017 Marie Marfia, Over the Pere Marquette, 6×9″ pastel on gessoed mat board.

The forest is my retreat

When I was feeling overwhelmed and lost I found solace in the woods. Every day I go into the woods and recharge there.

Of course, it helps that I have two dogs that also require a place to stretch their legs, take care of business and do a little exploring. I wonder if I’d bother to put on clothes at all if it weren’t for Daisy and Roger and my obligations as a pet owner.

But when I’m out there my troubles go away. We ramble along two-track roads, looking for critters, enjoying the smells of the Manistee National Forest. Sometimes we hike along the river to see what kinds of fish are hiding under the banks.

I’m lucky to live where I do and I take advantage of it as much as I can. The resulting paintings are less about the landscape and more about how I feel when I’m out in it.

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