I love to paint people. I’ve always enjoyed observing folks and studying their features, like whether they like to laugh, or enjoy the outdoors, or if they’re worriers. It’s all there, written on their awesome faces.

Commissioned Portraits

pastel portrait commission of a smiling couple
Joe and Anna, 11×14″ pastel portrait commission on sanded paper. Sold.

I’m always happy to help someone commemorate a life or celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Please contact me if you’re interested in a commissioned portrait of a loved one.

Click here to go to my commissions page.

Portrait a day projects

From time to time I do this crazy thing and paint a portrait a day for 30 days or once, 100 days. It’s wicked hard and tons of fun and I love to do it. It forces me to paint quickly and deliberately and really focus on what’s in front of me. I learn a lot during these projects and I enjoy opening up the process to everyone.

How it usually works is, I go on Facebook and Instagram and ask my followers to send me selfies or photos of loved ones. I give myself a set amount of time, say an hour or two, and a set size, for instance, no smaller than 6×9″ and not larger than 8×10″, and then just have at it. It’s always challenging and by the end I know I’m a better portrait painter than when I started.

Click here to see my 30 Portraits in 30 Days project

Click here to see my 100 Portraits in 100 Days project

Pet portraits

Some of my favorite portraits are pets and pets with their owners. I have a couple of dogs myself and have owned a few cats in my time. I love animals because they’re always and only themselves and if you let them into your heart you can’t help but become a better person.

Click here to see some pet portraits I’ve done.

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