Patch of Snow on the Dunes

Patch of Snow on the Dunes, 9×6″ pastel on sanded paper. ©2018 Marie Marfia

Staring up to the top of the dune with the sun beginning to peek out over the horizon,. I remembered taking Sam and Nick out to the state park with the sole purpose of getting a picture of them jumping off the top of one of these hills. They were really good sports about it too, trudging to the top of the hill over and over again while I worked out when exactly I had to depress the shutter release in order to get a picture of them suspended in mid-air.

My dad had taken a picture of my then 7-year-old brothers doing the same thing on dunes identical to these during a family vacation forever ago. I was hoping to capture something as iconic as that polaroid photo. Alas, my timing was never quite right and my kids wore themselves out giving me chance after chance. Finally, I decided to try jumping myself and handed the camera to Nick. What I learned was that was wholly terrifying to leap into space from so high up. I was floored by the courage of my children, who had spent the past hour hurling themselves off a cliff just because I asked them to. And maybe also because it was thrilling, although they never said one way or the other.

This painting is on ebay starting tonight at 9 pm for seven days, bidding begins at 99¢.


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