Miller Time

Here’s Leila again, either showing someone what she’s drinking or making a toast perhaps. I took some pictures at a party Steve and I went to. There were twenty chairs around the fire pit and Leila was sitting in one. I liked the color of her blouse in this one and the gesture she was making. It reminded me of camping out with my girlfriends every year. I won’t be able to go this year but maybe next year I’ll be in the right state for it at least. I have dozens of pictures of women sitting in lawn chairs, talking, laughing, smoking and drinking. It’d make a nice tarot deck, I think, but I’d have to make up new titles. Like this one could be “The Toaster” or “The Miller Drinker” or something like that. Maybe I could make them into a Magic deck and give them supernatural powers. Like Leila could have the power to change everyone’s beer to Miller High Life.

Miller Time, blue block in. Miller Time, with color over the blue. Miller Time, and time to think about whether I want to render a background on this or not.

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