Limbo land

This waiting around for our house to be sold is for the birds. I feel like I’m stuck in between everything. Can’t go forward, can’t go back.

You know how people talk about being in the moment? I am ping ponging between regret for lost chances and anxiousness about when I’ll be free to set up a studio again. It sucks.

I’m still working in my sketch book, making a little sketch every day if I can. But it’s not the same. I have plans! Ideas! Things I want to do! It’s frustrating not being able to tear into the next pastel painting.

Sigh. All right. I’m done ranting. Thank you for listening.

The status of my move is, we’re still waiting to get an all clear for the water testing and then once that’s done, hopefully the closing won’t be far behind. Keep all your fingers crossed for us. I hate waiting. But at least I have had a lot of practice at it.

Here’s my instagram feed from the last weeks, if you’d like to look at my sketches.


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