Marie Marfia, Bone to be Wild, soft pastel on gessoed gator board, 20x16"

Just for Fun series

It started out innocently enough

I began with a series of five skeletons dancing on the beach, and was surprised and pleased by how popular they were. Before I knew it, I’d done over fifty skellies, and there are bound to be more. I can feel it in my bones!

Skellies have a life of their own

I love painting skeletons because they’re fearless, fun-loving and free! Bonus, they make me laugh! I guess I’ll just have to keep on painting them.

Purchase skelly art for your very own

Many skelly originals are available and you can email me about whichever you’re interested in. You can purchase from my Fine Art America shop, Etsy, or Signed Cards. If you’re in the area, stop by Four Directions Alchemy, Ludington Area Center for the Arts, or Art on the Town in Pentwater.

skeletons in a horse and carriage
16×20″ pastel painting on Canson mi teintes paper of a skeleton couple, just married, and enjoying a horse and carriage ride through St. Augustine, Florida. Sold.
Original art
20×16″ pastel on textured gator board by Marie Marfia. Unavailable.
pastel painting of a skeleton couple dancing on the beach
Shall We Dance, pastel painting of a couple dancing on the beach. ©Marie Marfia. Unavailable.
The Audience, 18×24″ pastel on paper by Marie Marfia. Available.
original art
Shrimp Happens, 18×12″ pastel on textured gator board by Marie Marfia. Available.
Original art
Miss Shrimp Boat, 18×12″ pastel on textured gator board by Marie Marfia. Available.
Original art
Captain’s Going through some Issues, 12×18″ pastel on textured gator board by Marie Marfia. Sold.

Read more about how skeleton art became my thing here.

You can purchase cards and prints in my Fine Art America shop, downloads in my Etsy shop and signed cards in my Signed Cards shop (see the menu for links). Please email me about original skeleton art and I can let you know if a piece is available for purchase.

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