Marie Marfia My Hat soft pastel on sanded paper 10x10

Happy New Year!

Well, we made it to another year. Go us!

I have some art resolutions for 2022 and I’ve been taking stock of what I accomplished in 2021. First things first, though. A huge thank you to you for keeping company with me on my art journey. I appreciate all the attagirls you send my way and I plan to keep making stuff and sharing it with you. We make a good team, I think.

Art Resolutions for 2022

More plein air outings! I’ve joined the Plein Air Artists of West Michigan group, which meets twice a month all year except December. I’m looking forward to painting with them this year. Check them out here.

More live events! I’ve had the most success with my art when I’m out in the public eye, meeting people and talking with them in person. So I’ve got my eye on a few more shows this year than last. I’ll keep you posted about which ones I’ll be participating in as and when they happen, so stay tuned.

More collaborations! I want to make more of a spectacle of myself this year (if that’s even possible). If you or someone you know is looking for entertainment for their fundraising event, please pass my name along. I would love to set up and do a live painting demo for someone’s organization. It could be a portrait, a landscape, or a scene from the event itself. Then the resulting artwork could be auctioned or raffled off to raise money for a worthy cause. Could be fun!

More creating, every day! I want to really concentrate on painting every day. It’s about following my passion, yes, but it’s also about taking care of my mental health. Focusing on creating something is a way to block out the negative noisiness of the world around me. When I’m painting I’m not thinking about anything else and I need that creative time-out every day. It’s important and I want to make it a priority this year. I hope you join me!

Highlights from 2021

New studio space

Making tile patterns

Monsters Under My Bed series

Painting with my friends

Visiting my sister

Gold Coast Art Festival

LACA fundraiser

LVAC Trunk Show

Holiday Open House

Toy Box Show

Spending time with my granddaughter

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed reliving some of my best memories from last year with me. And I hope you’ll be around while I make new stuff this year! Thanks for hanging out with me. I couldn’t do this without you. (Well, I could, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!)


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