My first art show with the Skellies was skeltacular!


Best reason to explain to your mom why you’re buying skeleton art:

“You’re dead a lot longer than you’re alive, so you may as well have fun with it.”

Best reaction to working out creative issues with skeletons:

“I am a practicing psychologist, my dear, and I have to tell you, I’ve been coming to the Shrimp Festival for years. I’ve seen mermaids, turtles, seascapes and octopi, but I have never seen dead people dancing on the beach before. Congratulations. Your art is unique.”

Best reason to have a huge canvas print of two skeletons on a motorcycle at the front of the booth:


Reaction to Bone to be Wild at the Shrimp Festival.

Best use of noodles in a booth (even if it didn’t rain)


Steve inserting swim noodles in the corners in case of rain, which we didn’t get, but better safe than sorry!

Skelly lovers are the best!

I sold a ton of cards, some prints and one new painting (thank you, Doug!). I met so many nice people, who bought my skellies for gifts and for fun and for giggles. It was a glorious two days. Hard work, but so worth it. Thank you for coming out to the Shrimp Festival. Thanks for buying my art. Thank you for all the compliments and the smiles and the laughter. You all made my weekend.


2 thoughts on “My first art show with the Skellies was skeltacular!

  1. Holly Bond

    I am so glad that I ran across your booth at the Shrimp Festival, Marie. Your Bone to Be Wild and Shall We Dance are what drew me in. I purchased the 11×14 print of Bone to Be Wild as a gift for my husband who loves all things skulls. He loves it. I will definitely keep your art in mind for future gifts for him. I would like to have a sugar skull portrait of myself done for him as a birthday or Christmas gift. So excited to know that you are local. I will definitely be in touch. Keep up the great work.

    1. Marie Marfia Post author

      Woot! I can’t wait to do another portrait. I’m glad you found me, too! Thanks for your kind comments and encouragement. So glad your husband loves his print!


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