pastel portrait commission of two women, smiling

Pastel Portrait Commissions

Portraits make great gifts! They’re a perfect way to celebrate a friendship, mark a grand child’s birthday or make a memorial for a loved one. You can even commission a portrait as a sugar skull! Check out the gallery on this page for samples of sugar skull portraiture.

Please read over the information below and then fill out and submit the form at the bottom or call me at 904-566-4473 and let’s get started!

How long will it take?

Expect a portrait to take 4-6 weeks from when your order is confirmed. It may be slower during certain times of the year. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I’ll get back to you with an approximate turnaround time.

How much will it cost?

8×10 one face       $600
12×16 one face     $1200
16×20 one face     $2400
additional faces    $600 each

There is a 2-face limit for the 8×10 size.

These prices are for a basic head and shoulders portrait. For more of the body or background scenery, please contact me. Pet portraits are half the price of people portraits.

What’s included?

Pastel portraits are done on either acid free illustration board with a pumice-acrylic ground applied or on sanded paper. I use a fixative on the finalized piece, but I highly recommend framing by a professional, under UV glass or acrylic to ensure your pastel painting will last many lifetimes.

8×10 portraits include an 11×14 double mat. 12×16 portraits include a 16×20 double mat.

I include a digital slide show showing the step by step process of creating your portrait. It’s yours to share with whomever you like.

Want copies of the original? I can scan your portrait and create high quality prints, so you can share it. Prints are $25 each for 8×10’s and $45 each for 12×16’s. If you’d like a gallery wrap canvas version of your portrait, enlarged to fit a space over your fireplace, sizes can run anywhere from the original painting size up to 6 feet on one side. I outsource canvas wraps so let me know what size you’re interested in and I can get a quote to you.

What do you need to start?

I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to begin work. You can pay by PayPal or credit card or you can send me a check. If sending a check, I will begin work once the check clears.

I will work from a photo(s) that you supply. Please bear in mind that the better the photo, the better the painting. I can’t add detail that isn’t in the picture or paint something that can’t be seen in the photo. I will do my best to get a likeness. To this end, send me lots of photos to choose from! The more references I have, the more likely I am to get a good likeness. Please note, I will not work from a professional photographer’s photo unless I have written permission from the photographer to do so, because of copyright issues.

I will send you a final photo of the portrait for your approval before invoicing for the remainder of the cost of the portrait. Once the commission is paid in full, I will ship out your portrait, or you can arrange to pick it up at my studio.

Thank you for considering my work!


“I love your work and am truly honored to now own a piece. :)” Helene Sirko

“I think you did a fabulous job on my portrait and I don’t even like getting my photos taken! I love showing people my portrait.” Dorothy Gamble

“Thank you so much for putting your beautiful talent to work on my face. I love it.” Mel Mitchell Goodwin

Portrait commission contact form

Please fill out the following form and then hit submit. I’ll get back to you with a total cost and payment arrangements right away.

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    Size of your portrait

    How many faces? (Note: limit 2 faces in the 8x10" size)

    Would you like prints made of your original painting? Please check one.
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    Would you like your painting to be framed? Please check one.
    Please send me information about framingI am not interested in framing

    Upload your picture(s). Limit 5 files, 5mb per file, please. Accepted file formats: pdf, jpg, png, gif, tif.

    Anything you'd like me to know about this portrait? Is it a gift? A memorial? Is there a story behind the photo?

    See more of my work

    You can see my pastel landscapes or skeleton art at Art on the Town Gallery in Pentwater, Michigan, and the gift shop at Ludington Area Center for the Arts, as well as my studio in Ludington, Michigan. Give me a call or text 904-566-4473! I’d love to chat with you about my work.

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