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Art at the Pointe pop up show

Hey everyone! I’ll be participating in Lakeshore Visual Arts Collective’s Art at the Pointe pop up show June 18, 2022!

Here’s a link to the event page on Facebook or read about it below:

“Join us for Art at the Pointe–our first pop-up show in Adelaide Pointe’s huge and amazing boat warehouse on Muskegon Lake. Come by car, bike, or boat (docks are available) and see this space transformed into a one-night, pop-up gallery filled with art by more than 50 regional artists in a wide range of media. Enjoy live music by Serita’s Black Rose, food truck eats, cash bar, and lots of great regional art. Your $10 door donation plus 10% of artists’ sales benefit the great work of Read Muskegon (”

I’ll have both skeleton art and landscape art at this show. I’m excited to help raise money for Read Muskegon. Hope to see you there!

Marie Marfia, Ground Skel, soft pastel on textured board, 16 in x 20 in, $2,500.
Marie Marfia, Ground Skel, soft pastel on textured board, 16 in x 20 in, $2,500.
new online store screen shot

Skelly art store is open

Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been busy putting a new square store together for my skeleton art. Here’s the url:

I’m still refining it a bit, but here’s the best news:

Get 20% off everything from September 20 through October 20, 2021. Use the coupon code “TAKEOFF20” to get your discount at checkout.

This is a great time to freshen up your existing Halloween or Day of the Dead decor or if you’re new to my skellies, start a new tradition!

New this year are stickers! Hand them out to your favorite trick or treaters, decorate trapper keepers. Fair warning though, once you start, you won’t be able to stop! They’re insidious!

I’m shipping everything via United States Postal Service and orders will ship within 3 business days. Large prints go 3-Day Priority Mail. Everything else is 1st class.

Check out the new online store and let me know what you think. If you see anything that’s missing, give me a shout and I’ll put it on there before the sale starts.

Thanks again for your support!

Marie Marfia, Green Crested Drooler, acrylic on canvas, 6x6x.75

Green Crested Drooler

I’m starting a new series. It’s all about the things that keep me up at night. I am taking inspiration from Lynda Barry, whose book Making Comics has a monster drawing exercise, which I just love. I try to make monsters every day and then I pick one and make it into a small acrylic painting. Stay tuned! I have no idea where it’s going, but I want to call it my Monsters Under My Bed series and I’m am thoroughly enjoying it! Hope you do, too.

Marie Marfia, Green Crested Drooler, acrylic on canvas, 6x6x.75
Green Crested Drooler, acrylic on canvas, 6x6x.75″

The Green Crested Drooler personifies my fear of getting older and losing control of my bodily functions. Sure, it’s cute, but it’s also drooling! Gross! Blah! I think someone needs to invent terrycloth pillowcases for people like me who frequently wake up in the middle of the night in a puddle of spit. Hell, maybe I’ll make my own…

Here’s some more monsters…

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Field of Grass, 5x7" pastel study by Marie Marfia.

Field of Grass

Finally, it’s safe to go out walking in the state park again! No more snow and ice! Yesterday was actually the first day I took the dogs out for a romp in the dunes but it was nice enough today to do it again.

If you drive north on Piney Ridge Road, just before the Ludington State Park, there are multiple places to park your vehicle and go for a walk in the dunes and trees. Today we took the first spot with a sign on it. You have to keep the dogs on a leash, which is fine with me, because Daisy is a runner and Roger tends to bite first and make friends never.

Daisy and Roger having a sniff around a sweet looking piece of driftwood.

It was really windy out there today! And the sun peeked through the clouds often enough to give me some nice reference photos to work from. This is the one I decided to work from today:

reference photo of the field of grass with dunes I used for today's daily painting.
Reference photo from this morning.

If and when I decide to do this again I may take the path out altogether. I don’t think it really needs it in the picture and then I could really go crazy with the marks for the grasses. It was really beautiful out there today.

Field of Grass, 5x7" pastel study by Marie Marfia.
Field of Grass, 5×7″ pastel study by Marie Marfia. $600.
Table pattern for tiles

Tile patterns

Back in January I was asked to collaborate with a local business on a how-to demo for a home decor project. Basically, a local marketing expert and a paint supply business wanted someone to demo the business’s products by using them for a DIY project. It sounded like fun and coincidentally I had been meaning to fix my patio table anyway. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone.

Our table with a hole in the middle. Kind of cool with the snow on it, though!

About the table: We inherited a patio table with a missing glass center when we got this house and we wanted to replace the glass with a wood top. Steve had gone so far as to cut out the plywood for the project and now we were hemming and hawing about what kind of tile to use and should we paint them or try to mosaic something together out of what we already had, and lots of other things–amazing how complicated one little project can be–and no surprise, the project was in limbo until we made some decisions.

Since the demo needed to be simple enough for anyone to do and it needed to use paint rather than tile, I decided that this was the solution to our patio table design problems. I designed some tile-sized stencils to use in place of tiles and then picked a color palette based on ideas I’d found on Pinterest.

The inspiration for the tile idea.

My fellow collaborators and I eventually decided that rather than doing an entire table top, the demo would use one stencil to decorate a small 8×8″ piece of wood to hang on a wall. I enlisted the help of another local business to cut the stencils for us, the paint place mixed up the paint colors and provided the applicators, and the marketing expert took care of the video production.

Finished stencil demo with the paint used in the box.

After the initial trial run, which enlisted family members and friends to participate in the paint-along and was surprisingly a lot more fun than I expected, I got some nice feedback on the design (see the chickadee stencil below) and used that to make some changes to all the rest of the tiles. In a nutshell, I needed to simplify the stenciling part of the project to try to make it as foolproof as possible.

Since then, the collaboration part of the project has been put on indefinite hold, so I’ve decided to forge ahead with the table top on my own. It’s starting to warm up outside and I need to have a place to set my cocktail down once Steve and I resume our nightly drinks-on-the-deck ritual. The table top must go on!

Here are my stencil designs and the tabletop layout I’m going to do. The middle tile will have a hole in it where the umbrella goes through, but otherwise, it’ll look pretty much like this. I think it’s going to be cool.

I wanted tiles that reflected where we live out here in the woods, so there’s a squirrel, a chickadee, a woodpecker, a bear, a coyote, a deer and a moonrise. What do you think?

Maybe down the road I’ll do another set that’s all about living by Lake Michigan. I could do some dunes, a sunset, a wave, a boat, maybe even the carferry chugging along in the distance. I’m thinking a backsplash in the kitchen would be the perfect place for them.

Sunset-End of US-10

A good week

Getting used to having this awesome place to make stuff in. But going outside for inspiration is good, too!

Last weekend, Steve and I drove out to the State Park to watch the sun set. I was mesmerized by the reflections on the water and took a little movie of it.

A little bit of aah. I like the out of focus parts best. How to do this purposefully?

Also working on a portrait of my daughter and her daughter right now. It’s coming along. At least, I haven’t wrecked it yet! But if I do, I remind myself I’m allowed to try it again. That keeps the pressure off. Funny how portraits are like that, but landscapes? Not so much!

Sketch of Alice and Maeve
Preliminary sketch.
Alice and Maeve, detail.
Detail from the block-in.

Also, spring seems to be happening! Hurray! Temperatures are rising during the day and the snow is alternately crusty on top and satisfyingly smushy. I love how the trees are just pulsing with life and the snow is retreating from around their trunks.

I go out three times a day to walk the dogs and the landscape is a little different morning, noon and night. Once I lay down on a sunny patch of grass just to feel the warmth on my face and Daisy promptly sat on my head.

Signs of Spring, 6x8" pastel on sanded paper. $600.
6×8″ pastel, Signs of Spring, $600.

I finished up my landscape class with Vianna Szabo. I learned a lot and I’m determined to put all that new knowledge into practice. If you get a chance to take a zoom class with her, I highly recommend it. She does demos in three different mediums–oil, pastel, and watercolor–and is very patient about answering everyone’s questions. Below is the final piece I did for “Impressionistic Landscapes”.

Sunset-End of US-10, 6x8" pastel on sanded paper, $600.
Sunset-End of US-10, 6×8″ pastel, $600.
Moonset over the Ditch, 6x8" pastel on sanded paper, $600.
Moonset over the Ditch, 6×8″ pastel, $600.

That’s it for this week! Hope it inspires you to do more fun, creative stuff. Now get out there and make a mess of your very own!


I’m in!

Studio is done and I’m in it. Finally!

I’m gonna pause here for a moment. A lot of moments, actually. And let it sink in.

Okay, done.

Just so you know, I feel really, really lucky.

I cannot wait to see what happens next. Gotta go now. The rest of my life is calling me. Please enjoy the following tour of my new space.

Here’s the new digs!

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Collaborative acrylic painting


This piece was a collaborative effort between myself and another local artist, Linda Sandow. There is an art show coming up at our local art center for February called “Duets” and the idea is for artists to work together on a single piece. 

On the Saturday after Christmas, Linda brought a 12×24″ canvas over to my studio downtown (still there for a few weeks, yet) and, listening to instrumental music and chatting (with masks on), we went to work with acrylic paint, brushes and a palette knife.

It took about two hours from start to finish. Here’s the photo reference we used:

Here’s the photo reference we used:

photo reference for the collaborative painting
Photo of an alley in downtown Ludington, taken in January 2020.

We chose this photo because Linda wanted to do some moodier versions of downtown and liked the idea of using pictures of alleys and backs of buildings–places that are off the beaten path. 

For the painting we used mirror images of the same photo, one on each side of the canvas. Linda had a palette knife and I dug out a couple of brushes and after dividing the canvas right down the middle, we jumped in.

Here’s the time-lapse:

When I saw the time-lapse, I was struck by how differently we approached the work. I painted from the outside in and Linda painted from the inside out. I loved watching her lay on color like icing on a cake, working from light to dark. Such a great contrast to how I worked, sketching in all the shapes first and then going from darkest dark to lightest light, matching values and hues. 

She started giggling toward the end and I asked her what was so funny and she said, “I’m done!” What a great way to signal the end of a painting!

I’m so grateful that Linda agreed to work with me on this. I admire her fearlessness and playfulness and her exuberance! Painting with her was just the pick me up I needed after this year. 

Even though the subject is an alley at night, a typically dreary location, in this piece it is lit up like a Christmas tree and beauty is reflected on every surface. I love how it came together and I really enjoyed sharing this with Linda. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

It’s made me feel more inspired to paint subjects that are hidden and overlooked in the new year and see how I might transform them into something beautiful. And then to see how they transform me.

new studio

Progress on my studio

Thanks to my lovely husband, Steve, my she-shed/studio/woman-cave is all wired up and we are now in the process of insulating the walls and ceiling. Woohoo! We’ve come a long way already!

Who says you can’t get good help these days? And he works for love!

Next we will be putting up the walls and then a floor and I can start moving my stuff! I’m thinking about a gas wall furnace, too, so it’ll be toasty in the wintertime, but until that happens a couple of space heaters will work just fine.

dogs in the studio
Of course, we’ve had to have the inspectors in to look everything over. They approve!

The walls are gonna be slat boards. I found a ton of them on Craigslist, used, but in great shape. Slat walls are really cool because you can literally cover them with hooks and then you can hang everything everywhere. Hurray! No more clothespins!

Slat walls for the studio.

And Steve came up with a brilliant plan for the ceiling which involves thin sheets of metal that we can get for practically nothing from the local newspaper office.

As usual, I’m of two minds about the new space. For one thing, it feels like I’ve been waiting all my life for this. Growing up in a large family meant that space was tight for everyone and resources were limited. Since I was little I’ve always dreamed about a big castle where I could do anything I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Steve and I used to daydream about the perfect home/studio combination. “We’ll have a house with a turret on each end,” we’d say, because we each wanted our own private place to make stuff.

But life intervened, as it does. We had kids and a mortgage and all the turret building time got used for other things. No regrets! It’s been a grand adventure so far with more to come.

I’ve been making do with the spaces available to me since we moved back to Michigan in 2016. There was the Makers Market space on the main drag first, which was pretty awesome, not least because I was working adjacent to a lot of creative and crafty people every day. And I’ve enjoyed my various spaces at 307 S. James Street since I’ve been there. Combining creative space with retail has been a learning experience, for sure. I just never knew who was going to walk through the door there. Sometimes it was someone friendly and sometimes it was someone who’d clearly made a mistake. I never did open up my flat black gallery after all that work we did on it, but it’s okay. Everyone’s had to make sacrifices in 2020. Mine haven’t been more than I can handle, certainly, and I feel lucky to have gotten off so lightly compared to so many others.

In a few more weeks I’m going to start a new chapter in my arty art life and I’m feeling by turns gleeful and a little bit freaked by the whole thing. Like I said, two minds. That’s my m.o.

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Sign up for my Bone Appetit newsletter! You’ll get regular updates about my latest work in the studio and insights into my process. Plus, get a free downloadable print just for signing up!

You can buy my art imprinted on all kinds of cool stuff in my Fine Art America Shop. You can purchase downloads in my Etsy shop or cards imprinted with a personal message and mailed for you in my Signed Cards store. Buy greeting cards, prints and stickers in my Square shop. Please contact me directly about purchasing original artwork. Thanks!

prints cards on sale

My X-mas sale is finished!

My annual X-mas sale Friday, November 27 through Thursday, December 3, 2020 is officially over.

It’s the end of the line(s)

Please note: I will no longer offer cards and prints handmade in my studio. Cards and prints along with masks and canvas wraps and home decor and t-shirts and all that other swag will still be available, just not made by me personally. Instead, you can find everything in my Fine Art America shop (in the menu on the right).

Basically, I want more time to create original artwork. Making and packaging cards and prints takes time and energy, not to mention space. And, if you didn’t already know, I’m going to be moving soon and there just isn’t room for a big printer, plus all the paper and inks, envelopes, plastic sleeves, mats, foam core, etc., etc. in my new studio. But more about that later. Stay tuned!

Oh, all right, here’s a sneak preview of my soon-to-be-new digs being delivered by the great folks at Wanna Buy Sheds

Once I get it wired up and put some heat in there, it’ll be sweet! Promise I’ll post pictures as I go.