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What’s in my head?

I’m not sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s trying to get out. Up next is my skelly version of a lovely Edward Degas Blue Dancers painting. Since I love them so much, it’s only proper that I flay them down to the bone for my own amusement. Wonder if there’s an easier way to draw a rib cage? Maybe model the thing as a solid form and then put in the negative space? These are kicking my behind for sure. Glad I got the deluxe skeleton model from American Science and Surplus, otherwise I’d be truly lost.

pastel painting homage to Degas blue dancers

Blue Skelly Dancers, WIP, 16×16″ pastel on Canson paper by Marie Marfia

Report on the Steampunk Art Show

Success! My friend’s crafty steampunk “Ladies ARTillery” display drew lots of people who took pictures and signed up for a  mailing list and bid on the silent auction item. This Airship Purse in particular got lots of oohs and aahs all night. Not surprising, really. She makes awesome stuff.

steam punk airship purse

Airship Handbag by Anney Day.

First Coast Pastel Society Member Show at the Jewish Community Alliance, September 4-30, 2015

I’m submitting two recent skelly paintings to this show, Skelly Dance at Bougival and Madame X-Ray. If you’ve never been to the JCA, it’s a beautiful facility on San Jose Boulevard, just north of Baymeadows. Here’s the address: 8505 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32217. There is no opening reception for this show, so check the hours, and then come when you like to enjoy wonderful pastel art by local artists.

Coming up

Here are some pics I took at the beach last night, while out enjoying the cool breezes with my beloved. I will get busy turning them into awesome pastel paintings, so stay tuned. And then after that, I have ideas for about a dozen more skelly paintings, and then there’s the show at the Red Sable in October, plus a half dozen other ideas stewing around in my brain pan. It’s good to be busy.

photo of surf at the beach

I took a couple of movies of the surf, so I could play back the sound of waves crashing later.

photo of couple with dog at the beach

Every time the woman would throw the dog’s toy, the man would have to race out into the surf also because he had hold of the leash.

photo of clouds backlit by the setting sun

I took dozens of photos of the clouds back lit by the sun on the way home. I need practice with the sky and this would be an awesome start to a series.



Sew sew day

This coming Saturday, July 25, 2015, I’ll be minding a friend’s sales table at the Old City Steam Art Show at DOS Coffee & Wine Bar in St. Augustine, Fl. She makes fantastic steampunk art and I’m going do my darndest to encourage people to buy her stuff.

Since it’s a costume appropriate affair, I am spending today making something to wear! I have a skirt already, so I’m building a vest from a paisley silk shirt I had laying around and I’ll rob my pegboard Christmas tree of some likely looking jewelry. No hat yet, but maybe something will turn up on a trip to Goodwill tomorrow. This will be fun!

Upcycling an old paisley shirt into a fancy schmancy vest.

Upcycling an old paisley shirt into a fancy schmancy vest.

Hmm, what dangly bits can I use to accessorize with?

Hmm, what dangly bits can I use to accessorize with?