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Shrimp Festival developments

I paid the booth fee

So I guess that means I’m going to go. I’ve been waffling about whether or not this festival is a good idea or not. For one thing, Steve and I are trying to sell our house here in Florida so we can move back to Michigan. My life feels kind of higgledy piggledy and it’s hard to keep piling on. For another thing, I don’t have a tent to sell anything out of. And I don’t have any skeletons that are shrimp festival like.

But what the heck? If I really tried, I could find an excuse not to do anything ever again. I’m good at it. So what if I tried to find reasons to do this festival? What then?

Then I’d say, hey, my house has never been cleaner than it is right now so it’s a perfect time to get to work on a new skeleton series. I always feel more energetic when I’m organized. And I can probably borrow someone’s tent. Worst case scenario, I’ll rent one. It’s only money.

So I started doing some research on shrimpers and shrimp boats. I watched Forrest Gump. And I’ve been thinking pretty hard about what I could do to get people to want to buy skeletons, plus I’ve got some good marketing strategies that I’ve read recently that’ll help.

Shrimper ideas

Shrimper ideas

Tomorrow I’m going to get a little more finished with them. I’m thinking five or six shrimpers and one shrimp boat. Then I’m going to offer the originals at the festival and take orders for prints. I’ll have something to give away in exchange for contact information, maybe a girly shrimper skelly or something like that. Something fun and that’s not available to purchase in my booth.

Today, on Facebook, a friend asked me if I was fixated on death. I told him, No, they make me laugh. This shrimper series is a perfect example. It makes me grin to think of making shrimp boat workers decked out in rubber boots and gloves, holding their tools of the trade, and grinning from ear to ear. That’s what skeletons do. They’re always smiling, always having a good time. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with people like that?




Stealth sketching

I decided to try to get some sketching in while I was waiting for my number to be called at the Tax Collector’s Office today.

It felt kind of funny to be one of the only people out of about fifty-some that wasn’t on a cellphone. It was just me, a couple of elderly ladies, and a toddler or two. The toddlers looked like they would have liked to play on a phone. The one that was directly in front of me settled for poking at the walker belonging to the old lady next to me.

I haven’t yet worked up the nerve to ask someone to let me take a picture of them to use to draw with. My friend Cynthia does this all the time. I swear I’ll do it. One of these days.

This was fun, though. The first one is of a young woman who was intent on her smartphone. She had lightning fast texting skills. The other was of a woman leaning on the counter to my left. I liked the way her shirt draped in folds across her back.  These are the first of more sketches to come, I hope. I want to do more of it, whenever I can, instead of automatically going for a distraction, like sudoku puzzles or imgur.