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Sunset-End of US-10

A good week

Getting used to having this awesome place to make stuff in. But going outside for inspiration is good, too!

Last weekend, Steve and I drove out to the State Park to watch the sun set. I was mesmerized by the reflections on the water and took a little movie of it.

A little bit of aah. I like the out of focus parts best. How to do this purposefully?

Also working on a portrait of my daughter and her daughter right now. It’s coming along. At least, I haven’t wrecked it yet! But if I do, I remind myself I’m allowed to try it again. That keeps the pressure off. Funny how portraits are like that, but landscapes? Not so much!

Sketch of Alice and Maeve
Preliminary sketch.
Alice and Maeve, detail.
Detail from the block-in.

Also, spring seems to be happening! Hurray! Temperatures are rising during the day and the snow is alternately crusty on top and satisfyingly smushy. I love how the trees are just pulsing with life and the snow is retreating from around their trunks.

I go out three times a day to walk the dogs and the landscape is a little different morning, noon and night. Once I lay down on a sunny patch of grass just to feel the warmth on my face and Daisy promptly sat on my head.

Signs of Spring, 6x8" pastel on sanded paper. $600.
6×8″ pastel, Signs of Spring, $600.

I finished up my landscape class with Vianna Szabo. I learned a lot and I’m determined to put all that new knowledge into practice. If you get a chance to take a zoom class with her, I highly recommend it. She does demos in three different mediums–oil, pastel, and watercolor–and is very patient about answering everyone’s questions. Below is the final piece I did for “Impressionistic Landscapes”.

Sunset-End of US-10, 6x8" pastel on sanded paper, $600.
Sunset-End of US-10, 6×8″ pastel, $600.
Moonset over the Ditch, 6x8" pastel on sanded paper, $600.
Moonset over the Ditch, 6×8″ pastel, $600.

That’s it for this week! Hope it inspires you to do more fun, creative stuff. Now get out there and make a mess of your very own!