The Bone-ified Gallery

A space to call my own

As you may know, I am a graphic designer by day and a fine artist whenever I can get my hands on some pastels. A friend told me about a place for rent that she thought would be perfect for me and my art biz. The price was right and so I moved in June 2017. The only thing was, it wasn’t really the kind of place I’d been used to working in up to that point.

I’ve spent my professional career working mostly wherever there was space for me. For example, in the basement of our second house, or in the little room right before the stairs to the attic in our first house, or in the back end of what used to be an auto parts store but was currently a makers space. That last place, The Makers Market, was awesome because of the people in it and the energy they brought with them, but I have to admit I longed for a studio that had level floors and heat!

So fast forward to my new address, 307 S. James Street, Ludington, Michigan. It’s pretty big and open inside, which I like, with lots of space to hang my art work and room for my cards and prints. And in the back of it, I’ve set up my computer and printer, so that I can still work my day job.

The most obvious difference between here and everywhere else I’ve ever worked is, people can see me in here. I have a huge, and I do mean huge, picture window in front. I think it’s over 11 feet long and it’s at least six feet tall. I have a pair of giant rainbow wings made from glass paint on one side, a cafe table and chairs parked in the middle and a five foot long skeleton on the other side, also made of glass paint. She’s my mascot. I’ve even given her a gold tooth, just like mine! Later this year I’m going to make some accessories for her, but for now she’s just out there lounging around in the nude. I don’t think anyone’s noticed.

With that big window comes a whole different feeling. Before I worked (and made my mistakes) in private. No one came in unless I let them. Now, I’m out in the open and there’s no more hiding! All my work, including the screw ups, are all there for any passer by to see. It’s a little nerve-wracking.

On the upside, there’s no food here unless I bring it myself, so I’m losing weight!

And I’m willing to give more exposure a chance. Summer’s coming and with it, the tourism season. More people will be walking by and maybe some of them will like my art and even buy it!

I’ve signed a lease for a year, and I’ll see how it goes. I may hate it. I may love it. I may end up feeling somewhere in between. But I’d love for you to stop by and say hello whenever you’re up in the Ludington area. Hours will be Thursday-Saturday, noon until 8pm, Sunday-Wednesday by chance, now through Labor Day.

I plan to offer original skellies, plus prints, greeting cards and postcards. There’s also other things, landscapes and portraits. A girl can’t live by death alone! Be sure to check the big window regularly because I’ll be putting up a new painting every day there.

Hope to see you soon!