Another framing disaster averted

1/2 inch screw vs. 1/4 inch frame

So I was pretty proud of myself for ticking “Frame Skelly with a Pearl Earring” off my to-do list, right up until I flipped the framed picture over and discovered that both screws for the hangers had pierced through to the front of the frame. Damn it, Jim!

I screwed up

I screwed up

After a day or two of kicking myself, I went back to the same Goodwill where I’d found the frame in the first place and was delighted to find a second, identical frame!


What luck! Another, identical frame was at the same Goodwill. Next time, I’ll save myself a trip and buy all identical frames at once.

After I got it home I found a scratch on the glass, but, since I still had the glass from the first frame, everything ended happily after all. Which just goes to show you, measure twice, screw once.


All good!

The original Skelly with a Pearl Earring is available in my shop, and also as signed 8×10″ and 11×14″ prints as well as a greeting card.


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