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Vincent Van Skelly

Vincent Van Skelly

Another in my Old (Dead) Masters series, Vincent Van Skelly is my homage to the wonderful Vincent Van Gogh and his Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear.

I liked the original piece because it’s all complementary colors, green and red and orange and I liked that he chose to paint himself with his bandaged ear foremost. Like he was saying, here I am, with all my faults, now deal with it.

I imagine he was sorry that he’d lost his temper, and in the process, a good friend, Gaugin, because of it. I can relate. I have a quick and violent temper myself, although I’ve been a lot calmer lately. I think it’s because of yoga every day. I wonder if Vincent would have been happier with a daily yoga practice? Well, probably non-lead paints would have helped, too.

Want to know something interesting? On the page opposite this picture in the book Van Gogh’s Van Goghs, there is a picture of a skull that Van Gogh painted. How do you like that? I’ll bet he wasn’t working from an anatomically correct resin repro either. I wonder how hard it was to get a real skull to work with back in those days?

Here are the progress pics:

The original Vincent Van Skelly is available in my shop, and also as a signed 8×10″ print, a signed 11×14″ print and a greeting card.


Another framing disaster averted

1/2 inch screw vs. 1/4 inch frame

So I was pretty proud of myself for ticking “Frame Skelly with a Pearl Earring” off my to-do list, right up until I flipped the framed picture over and discovered that both screws for the hangers had pierced through to the front of the frame. Damn it, Jim!

I screwed up

I screwed up

After a day or two of kicking myself, I went back to the same Goodwill where I’d found the frame in the first place and was delighted to find a second, identical frame!


What luck! Another, identical frame was at the same Goodwill. Next time, I’ll save myself a trip and buy all identical frames at once.

After I got it home I found a scratch on the glass, but, since I still had the glass from the first frame, everything ended happily after all. Which just goes to show you, measure twice, screw once.


All good!

The original Skelly with a Pearl Earring is available in my shop, and also as signed 8×10″ and 11×14″ prints as well as a greeting card.

Skelly with a Pearl Earring by Marie Marfia

Skelly with a Pearl Earring

Here’s my take on Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” I can’t remember now how I happened to decide on this one for my Old (Dead) Masters series, but it might have had something to do with my scaling my artwork down right now while we wait for our house to sell.

All my studio is packed away and has been for weeks and it just got to the point where I decided I’d rather paint small than not at all! Accordingly, this is a relatively small painting, only 8×10″, perfect for an apartment or tiny house!

Here are my progress pics for this piece: