pastel portrait of a woman

100 Portraits in 100 Days


Thanks to everyone who participated in my 100 Portraits in 100 Days project. It was a lot of fun  to paint so many smiling faces.

The project resulted in sales totaling $1600, half of which I donated to the American Cancer Society. Thank you again.

About the project

I like drawing people and especially faces. Getting so many smiling faces in my inbox has been a great way to practice my skills, plus it made me feel good.

I used different grounds for this project, including Canson paper, UArt sanded paper and mat board that I coated with pumice and gesso. I experimented with different underpaintings including watercolors and alcohol washes, as well as different colored papers. I played with color palettes, finally settling on a set of 42 colors for the last dozen or so paintings.

Sixteen of the portraits were skulls, with some of you requesting one at the start, a few asking me to roll the dice, and four skullified versions of old masters paintings.

Four of the portraits were of animals, 3 dogs and 1 tortoise! Check the gallery and see if you can spot the cat that was included along with her human.

A few of the portraits requested were memorials for a loved one since passed away. I was honored by these requests and I hope they bring the recipients a measure of comfort.

Some of the portraits came together in as little as an hour. Some of them I labored over for days at a time. Towards the end of the project the stock of selfies dried up and I used reference images from to finish.

As the work progressed, the marks became more loose and confident, which was my goal from the start.

The gallery of all the portraits I did for this project is below. If you see a portrait that you’d like to have, email me and I’ll let you know if it’s available. They’re priced by the head. $100 per face plus $12 shipping. I also have a portrait commissions page that you can check out if you’re interested in having me paint a portrait for you.

100 Portraits in 100 Days Gallery