10 things I’m grateful for in 2023

Here’s a list of the things that made me happy last year:

  • I was able to travel and spend a lot of time with family and friends. I’m lucky to be able to pack up and go almost any time I want and, bonus! I now have a lot more good references for future portrait practice.
  • I took art lessons from Michigan artist, Vianna Szabo. She has helped me progress with my art and I feel a lot more confidence in the quality of my work. I’m so glad she took me on as a student.
  • I had more opportunities to hang out with the creative people who live here, attending more art receptions and going on plein air outings. Artists inspire me to do more work plus they’re just a lot of fun to be with.
  • I taught more pastel classes this year. Not only did I teach at Ludington Area Center for the Arts, but I was also invited to teach at the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts in Manistee. I love teaching pastels! The people who attend are talented and kind and curious, and those are the best kinds of students of all.
  • My art got juried into more shows. It’s so cool to see “Invited” on the Café form. I don’t always get in but when I do it’s really awesome.
  • I won an award. This was so unexpected and such a thrill. It would have been enough to know that my work was hanging alongside a lot of beautiful pastel paintings, but getting recognition was the icing on the cake. It’s been four months and it still feels awesome every time I see the shiny ribbon hanging in my studio.
  • I sold more art. Thank you to everyone who bought an original or a print or a card or an ornament from me this year. It always gives me a little rush to know someone liked my stuff enough to spend their hard earned cash for it.
  • I got sick, which may not sound like something to be grateful for, especially since it was Covid. I had to miss participating in a local holiday market as a result, but I used the time off to play around more with my skeleton art, which was fun! And really, I was very happy that my case was mild enough I didn’t need any intervention stronger than Nyquil to get through it. (Vaccines work!)
  • I got a dog! Well, technically I share her with my husband, but finally! A dog! Her name is Daphne and she’s a retriever mix, tan and white, very pretty and with Egyptian eyes and a very loving personality. 
  • As a result of the aforementioned dog adoption, I am getting more time outdoors, which is always something to be grateful for, because I live in a beautiful place, and the more time I spend outside the better I feel.

So that’s my gratitude list for the year! It’s good to look back and remember all the positive things that happened and will hopefully continue into 2024! A big helping of gratitude to you, too, for coming with me on my art journey. Hope your new year is awesome.

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