pastel painting of a woman's smiling face

Number 6, 30 Friends in 30 Days


Dorothy raised my kids. Seriously. I think she got Alice at age 4, Sam at 2 and Nick when he was six weeks. It’s true that I worked at home almost my whole career, but my kids went to Dorothy’s.

Dorothy taught my kids everything, from learning to pee standing up without making a mess (she made them aim at cheerios in the toilet bowl), to what baby Massasauga rattlesnakes look like (fortunately, Steve identified them for her before she gave them to the kids to play with), to how to prepare delicious one-pot meals from scratch in under 30 minutes (she put on cooking shows during nap time).

This selfie is actually half of a picture she took of herself and her granddaughter, Ruby. I love the expression on Dorothy’s face, how she loves and takes care of Ruby, like she loved and took care of my kids. If my kids are awesome, and I think they are, at least half the credit goes to Dorothy.

Thank you, Dorothy, for giving me this beautiful picture of you to paint. You’re awesome.

pastel painting of a woman's smiling face
Dorothy, No. 6, 30 Friends in 30 Days, 9×6″ pastel on mat board

Here are the progress pictures. If you want to follow along in real time, follow me on Instagram. I usually start early in the morning and am finished by midday.

This is my 30 Friends in 30 Days series. Each day I take a friend’s selfie and make a pastel painting from it. Then I post it to ebay at auction for 7 days. Follow my progress as I learn to paint pastel portraits with a little help from my friends.


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